The human race has reached a crossroads in the pursuit of comprehending the external universe and the hidden mechanisms of human consciousness that mysteriously drive that pursuit.  Since the physical laws supporting the function and structure of that universe have been chosen and operate with an accuracy of more than ten orders of magnitude, it defies probability that consciousness is an accidental byproduct of creation.  From the standpoint of probability, there is infinitely more chance of putting an egg in the microwave and returning to find a Corvette.  The laws of quantum physics have been designed to allow for the temporary violation of  thermodynamics, and the end result of that violation is consciousness. 

Our grasp and understanding of the fundamental laws of quantum electrodynamics and quantum mechanics have put the two pieces of this mystery in separate hands.  Now we need to fit them together and move past the crossroads into an age of accelerated human consciousness.  This is not a proposal to cover a hundred years and be finished by a generation unborn.  This plan can be executed and change the lives of people alive today. Those of us who start this process will be the last generation. The next generation can become the first.


There Is A Glaring Gap In The Ability To Reliability Validate The Biofield.

Because of its relevance to health and wellbeing, the human biofield is the topic of increasing research efforts (1-5). The biofield has been broadly defined as “the electromagnetic, biophotonic, and other types of spatially-distributed fields that living systems generate and respond to as integral aspects of cellular, tissue, and whole organism self-regulation and organization” (1).


While a significant amount of research has been devoted to understanding the efficacy of healing modalities that purportedly manipulate the biofield to improve health, e.g., Healing Touch and Reiki (2,4,5), the significant and glaring gap in these efforts has been the absence of a technology to validly and reliably measure the biofield itself (6).


To address this gap in the biofield sciences, the team at Accelerated Consciousness has taken their extensive expertise in the detection and analysis of low-level (nT) and low frequency (less than 10 kHz) magnetic fields for applications in the detection and tracking of severe climactic anomalies, and directed them to focus creating a much-needed next generation device for bio-magnetic mapping of the biofield.

Our theory and initial approach is to develop a technology capable of detecting and mapping the human biofield. This will ultimately produce new, actionable data on the real-time function and pattern of the biofield and its relationship to activity of the nervous system.

This effort rests on the development of novel sensor technology hardware and software capable of detection and analysis of low-level (uT) and low frequency (less than 10 kHz) magnetic fields within and surrounding  the body.

This will be in a three-phased program. The data field created by this effort will immediately enhance and expand the large-scale data that has been collected in the study of human brain waves.



Phase 1: Research & Development / Provisional Patents

Research and develop breakthrough technology for generating high-definition mapping of axon communication patterns for different types of nerve cells. If we can detect the dynamic magnetic fields produced by electrical signals moving along the axons, which we believe we can, will allow for more detailed mapping of peripheral biofields. 


We propose mapping of the biofield in a quantifiable way that can both organize what has been learned and unify what remains unknown. 

Biological nerve functions must be a part of this total field, however, to date there has not been a detailed mapping of the biofield that attempts to correlate known contributors with actual localized measurements.  From the standpoint of physics and the more conventional medical world, a detailed correlation of measurable effects will establish a foundation that provides credibility and acceptance.  In addition, and perhaps most powerfully, our proposed will help establish clearly what the biofield isn’t.  Once we can quantify what part of the normal biofield is being produced by nerve function, we can begin to know which directions to look to find and quantify the other contributors.

Utilize these mapped nerve communication patterns as the basis for designing active dynamic magnetic enhancement of nerve function by magnifying or inhibiting specific nerve communication patterns – direct connection between peripheral biofields and specific peripheral nerve functions.


Once the specific nerve-function mapping has produced an understanding of the magnitude and frequencies of the active patterns involved in nerve communication, active therapies can be developed and applied to a range of conditions and diseases.  The use of tuned external fields to enhance nerve function in the peripheral nervous system offers the potential to provide non-chemical therapies for MS, age-related functional declines, and a wide range of conditions that are created by the loss of nerve communication and function.

Phase 2: Testing And Analysis

Phase 3: Execution Of New Therapies

Apply the dynamic mapping and field techniques acquired in Phases One and Two to the focused enhancement of synaptic function in the human brain by increasing the efficiency of signal transfer across the synaptic cleft. 


The long-range goal of the effort will be to provide an understanding and measurement of the direct connection between the functions and signals generated by the synaptic cleft and the peripheral nervous system.  Included in this research will be the development of external, non-invasive techniques that hold the promise of increasing the efficiency of the synaptic cleft functions, and potentially opening the gateway to an accelerated human consciousness.